Traumatic Tuesday

I still haven’t fixed my keyboard, so blogging is tough! 

This episode of Traumatic Tuesday hails from around 5th grade. One of my friends went on vacation to the Black Hills, and came back with some special clay to do facials with. (or so she claimed) My friend Amber and I thought this sounded neat, so the next time we were at her house, we decided to give each other mud mask facials. First, we had to locate some clay. We found the perfect clay on the shores of their duck pond. We proceeded to mix the clay with all sorts of goodies, I think there was an egg in there, and probably some Sea Breeze. We applied the facials…. And that’s when we got busted. With duck poop on our faces. With the whole bathroom covered in duck poop mud. With the sink clogged up and a full basin of duck poop water stuck in it. That was fun to clean up.

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